Los Angeles Park

Sod Variety:​ Ball Park Blend
Cut: Big Roll
Square Footage: Approx. 270,000 Sq. Ft.
Timeframe: 1 Week
Farm: A-G Sod Farms – Palmdale

With the help of A-G Sod Farms – Palmdale, a historical park in Los Angeles recently received a turfgrass overhaul. Over the course of one week, many areas of the park were transformed with our Ball Park blend

The project included the installation of 270,000 acres of sod covering different areas throughout the park using the A-G Big Roll. Some challenges were faced due to slopes, unusual angles, and the abundance of trees throughout the park that needed to be worked around, but the project was completed successfully, and results are spectacular. 

The Ball Park blend is a mix of turfgrass species, including Hybrid Bermuda overseeded with a blend of cool-season Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass.  This is a great option for parks and other busy areas since this grass tolerates heavy traffic.