Bermuda grass is water conservative and a great surface for sports fields, golf courses, parks and high traffic yards. However, some people prefer the year-round green of Fescue turfgrass. If you are one of the latter and want to get rid of Bermuda or other warm season grasses, you have a couple options:

  • Minor infestation of Bermuda in Fescue lawns – Spray the lawn with Turflon Ester. Repeated applications may be needed approximately 20 days apart. Apply according to the label and leave sprinklers off for 24 hours after spraying to avoid washing off the chemicals.
  • Serious infestation of Bermuda grass – This requires a killing of the entire turf area and replanting. Apply Non-selective herbicide such as Round-up. Withhold watering for several days after the spraying. Reapply Round-up a second time after one week. Remove existing turf, level and continue to spray weekly until there is no growth. Some watering is required to determine if 100% eradication has been achieved. One application of Turflon Ester will increase effectiveness of Bermuda removal.


  1. Removing Bermuda must be done during the warm months of the year during active growing season.  Spraying during winter dormancy will not kill Bermuda.
  2. Removing Kikuyu grass requires the same steps as Bermuda. Both are warm season grasses.